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  • Lauren Scheller ,

    Good afternoon!

    My name is Lauren Scheller, and I am the Director of Operations for the Denver Young Catholic Professionals. Our board hosts many events throughout the year, such as executive speaker series events, panel discussions, brunches, retreats, spiritual and career direction, as well as fun nights out. While our organization is usually open to anyone who likes to attend, a few times a year we have members-only meet ups at a local bar or restaurant, and our next one is set for February 15th.

    We were thinking of joining up at Charlie Brown’s from around 6-9pm that night, and I was wondering, would be possible to extend any happy hour prices or certain menu discounts if we brought our group in to you? Would it also be possible if we reserved part of the bar area or a few tables for our members to gather? We also were thinking of putting our Chapter card on file for new members’ first drinks on us at your restaurant. We can have anywhere from 20-40 members coming by.

    We would be delighted to come by with our group to celebrate and do drinks and food, and would appreciate anything you might be able to do for us. I sincerely appreciate your time today, and look forward to hearing from you and/or meeting with you soon!

    Thank you very much,

    Lauren Scheller

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